Overhaul Air Compressor Service and Spare Parts
High quality, High performance

CMP is a distributor of overhaul air compressor and also provides routine services. For all the machines we sell, you get expertise in maintenance and repair. Our service experts have been working in this field for over 15 years and are aware of every tidbit related to the compressors.

We take pride in ourselves for being a customer friendly service provider, hence, we try to make sure we can assist our customers with professionalism to provide ultimate service solution. If you need air compressor overhaul, we are only a phone call away. Our overhaul air compressor service experts will reach you completely equipped with all the necessary spare parts.

  • Checks.The team we deploy evaluates any possible fault in the compressor. They'll inspect the size of the screw shaft and the front cover. If the machine is leaking oil or the flow of oil is obstructed, we try to repair it or worst case scenario, replace it. We don't offer material choice as spare parts but, we ourselves use the highest quality material made bearings or oil seals to fix the problem properly.
  • Compounding We ensure all the items are sealed using a durable gasket that can withstand high pressure to prevent any leakage of heat or oil. This allows the compressor to work for a longer duration. All the screws are tightened to prevent loosening of the parts. We place oil and heat resistant O-rings as a standard piece of bearing rather than the conventional ones that shrink over time. Such complicated machinery can only be serviced by professional experts like us.


We maintain a servicing timeline and monitor it on a regular basis so you don't face inconvenience. Our site technicians offer various services, which include:

  • Timely Servicing
  • Trained and certified technicians, having over a decade of experience in machine handling
  • Doorstep arrival with all the needed equipment
  • Every needed spare part at disposal
  • Fully compliance in accordance with the workplace environment, minimum hindrance
  • Disposing off the debris and all the other residues in an eco-friendly manner
  • Tracking and monitoring of bearings
  • Testing oil and other lubricants
  • Temperature tracking
  • Fully equipped with needed tools for diagnosing
  • Giving overview of the service report
  • 24X7 emergency assist
Oct 07, 2016
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