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Of experience in the service and repair of pumps is not less than 15 years ago. Consumable Parts (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. Serves Overhaul air compressor in the Air-End. It is maintenance and replacement bearings to replace the bearings at the end of its original series. Taking into account the principle of removing it properly. Check the sample to check the damage. Because we have to work with. Removing the assembly. Working with steps to avoid more damage. 

  • Checks. Check the size of the screw shaft. The oldest of the front cover. Choice of materials, the use of high quality materials, such as bearings and oil seals are used as a single species. Attached to the same machine, which is preventing oil from leaking well. And help reduce the bite of the casing seal rubber seals are better 
  • Compounding All items are gasket that can withstand high pressure and heat to prevent the leakage of oil and a long lifetime. Nut all the drops of water. Stretched tight to prevent loosening of the work piece Orings are used as oil-resistant and heat-resistant than traditional no shrinkage in the tool used as a reliable standard bearings. It will be repaired by qualified technicians in the field of air compressors in particular.


Oct 07, 2016
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