High quality , High performance

To overhaul the motor is demanding another. Motor air compressor with a motor must be assembled from high quality materials and are made out of the three-phase power is not very far apart. Which can lower heat and lower power consumption. The mask needs to measure the growth axis Including the cover page and the back cover is a standard temperature. By measuring only the presenter to get the bearings will misalignment often and the centrifugal force of gravity of the rotor. It is important that there is no place to get some thousands on this tool because of the high price.


Motor air compressor should Overhaul every 20,000 hours and rewinding every 40,000 hours. This will help extend the life of bearings and reduce vibration. This vibration is transmitted to the bearing of the screw as well. After assembly is completed, the test and measurements are made to analyze prior to use.

Warranty condition 

  • Overhaul motor warranty 6 mount. 
  • Rewinding motor warranty 1 year.


Oct 07, 2016
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