Looking for good quality spare parts of air compressor? Look no further than Consumable parts. We are one of the leading OEM service providers for all types of screw air compressors.

CMP has a wide range of experienced and certified technicians who are always on their toes to help you out. Our services are available throughout the year and we can also cover you in odd hours if the need arises.

Our experts have been working in this industry for over a decade and are familiar with every screw fitted inside the machines. They are also known for their friendly approach to the clients and have always emerged satisfying them.

If you own one of the Dehaha compressors and are looking for service providers and original equipment manufacturer for the spare parts air compressor, we are certainly the team to look for. You put your trust on our prodigies for they possess the knowledge and all the necessary skills to finish the job.

Why Choose CMP Spare Parts?

There’s nothing better than the use of genuine spare parts in the machines that help your business grow which is the reason why we also offer consulting services to businesses for machine installation and maintenance.

We believe in giving the best of our capability to serve our clients for they expect the same from us. Keeping the similar ideology in the mind, we tailor our services to cater different customer's need.

Whether you want to get a pipe installation at your premises or only want a designed layout, our think tank will make sure you get what you need.

A well prepared and constructed pipeline is crucial for the smooth functioning of the business operation and it will also avoid any chances of breakdown or system failure in the wake of excessive workload. Inexperienced companies can incorrectly install piping leading to future leaks and other issues. At Consumable Parts, our experienced technicians will correctly install your piping system, repair the wind pump, install air duct and more.

Our other services and products include:

We think the best way to secure your business future is by minimizing the present risks. So, avert any major breakdown of your business equipment by calling us for a service inspection. We’ll thoroughly check them and will make a diagnosis report to assess the damage.

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