High Performance Screw Compressor Easy Comfortable and Powerful Air

Features: Screw Compressor

  • .PM motor and compressor was designed with the one shaft,100% transmission efficiency.
  • No motor bearing , no trouble for maintenance.
  • Compared to normal VVVF motor, the Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor performs with excellent energy efficiency. Especially in the low-speed , PM motor can still maintain a high motor efficiency
  • PM motor size is small ,and it’s only about one-third of the size of an ordinary VVVF motor, which is easy to uninstall.
  • With the high-performance permanent magnet material, PM motor don’t lose magnetic even with the temperature of 120 ℃.It’s life will be more than 15 years
  • Specialized corona-resistance enameled wire is applied to stator coil

TRUSTAIR Permanent Magnet Frequency Screw Compressor

  • It is a unique new design, which combines the permanent magnet motor and the speed control frequency converter. It couples with the high-quality air end, which shows the advanced screw compressor technology. It can provide the unique energy-saving effect and super reliability. There is no motor bearing. The screw compressor is driven by the permanent magnet motor. There is no consider about the attrition of gear, pulley, belt, coupling, shaft seal and the moving parts, which leads to the leak or change parts. Meanwhile, it not need to consider the calibration for the gear coaxial seal. The high-effect converter technique will reduce the operating costs prodigiously, which can provide you a real excellent technology.

Energy – Saving principle

  • Due to the electrical machine rotate speed and the air compressor’s actual power consumption have made into a power relations, reducing the motor speed will reduce actual power consumption.

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